It is really important that you make sure you take a break in your working day, especially now that many of us are working from home. It’s easy get stuck in and forget to take breaks and work late into the evening, when you should be enjoying some down time. If you were a paid employee, you would have a fixed lunch break, you’d start and finish work at a set time, and have boundaries in place about bringing work home with you.

When you are working for yourself or even working from home in the current climate, it’s very easy to slip into bad habits! Simple self care is so important and you must make sure that you are taking regular breaks every day or you risk burning yourself out.

One of my favourite ways to take a break is by playing online games. This might sound a bit off the wall, but online games are actually a really great way to switch off, take your mind off work and life and to help reduce stress. If you are playing Solitaire for a few minutes, it completely focusses your mind and stops you thinking about the next job you have to do.

This is a gaming website which primarily focuses on money and finance, but it also comprises of different game categories with dozens of games available. 

I find that combining money in games makes me want to play it more, and it keeps my mind more alert – giving me something else to focus on.

I love this site as it gives you absolutely loads of free games to play, online. No need for any downloading or signing up to things, just some really great games ideas.

The Cash Back game really brings me back to maths lessons at school and makes you use your brain when thinking about money. Players give customers the correct change using bills and coins; which sounds simple, but there are three difficulty modes; easy, medium and hard and believe me, the hardest one really gets you thinking. A really good lesson for children and adults alike – here are 5 advantages of children playing online games.

Another game, the Idle Money Tree game is the very definition of an idle clicker game. It aims to answer the question “does money grow on trees?” in a way that will satisfy toy-wanting children the world over while perhaps annoying more than a few parents!

This one is particularly for getting your little ones involved. It gives you some truly mindless fun, while playing with and entertaining them too.

You just click on all the money bags as fast as you can to collect the money, so it really is mindless fun while giving your little ones some great motor skills!

There are so many options available on Mortgage Calculator and it’s nice to see the addition of a fun element to an otherwise serious financial website. It provides entertainment together with the other useful functionalities that it offers. It’s a great bonding activity you could do with your children, while teaching them things or simply alone when taking a break – there’s something for everyone!

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