When you are somebody who likes to entertain, the dining room might arguably be the most important room in your home. It can take time to create the perfect balance between welcoming and exciting when it comes to your dining room, so I’ve put some tips together on how to get it right. Here is my guide to designing the perfect dining space.

Large table for entertaining

The dining table is the heart of every good moment when you are entertaining. It’s great for serving delicious meals, somewhere to lay out a board game, or just somewhere comfortable that a couple of you can sit and chat when it is just the two of you. If you want to create the perfect dining space, the first thing you need to do is pick out a large table and then build the dining space around the table that you choose.

Use wall art to brighten the space

I believe a good dining space is light, bright and keeps people engaged – that’s the best way to ensure conversation is flowing when you entertain. There’s nothing worse than the conversation growing stagnant and eating in silence! I like to use wall art as a way of keeping the space bright and displaying pieces that I think will spark more conversation at the table. Even if the walls themselves might be in a neutral colour, my wall art speaks for itself and really elevates the overall look of my dining space.

Choose comfort for your chairs

During the early stages of designing your dining room, it can be easy to get caught up in what everything looks like. However, I think it is worth taking extra time when choosing your chairs – even going and visiting some shops and trying some out if necessary – because if you want people to spend a lot of time in them then they are going to need to be comfortable. Keep in mind that they need to accommodate people of different sizes and weights when selecting your seating, and make comfort your priority over style.

Equipment to facilitate family-style dining

When I think of entertaining, I don’t think of one person serving while everybody else sits down and waits to be served. I like my guests to be able to dig in and take as much or as little as they want, whenever they want it. One piece of equipment that I think is a must for entertaining is a lazy susan. I like to have one that takes up a lot of space on the table so that everybody is able to reach whatever they need and they feel comfortable helping themselves.

Do you like entertaining? What would your ideal dining space for entertaining guests look like? Share your ideas in the comments below.